After launching your specialist cinema shop (film posters, actors’ photos etc) on ETSY, it is time to sell and make money. As with any traditional business, it must be profitable.

We often try, for no real reason, to constantly increase the number of visitors. However, what is the point of welcoming more and more visitors to your e-commerce site if they are not qualified and ready to make a purchase? The success of your site depends on the clear and precise decisions you make. Clearly define your objectives, choose the right target and the different means you will use to attract their attention.

We will therefore keep in mind a watchword: “Traffic, yes, but qualified! “».

All this, of course, accompanied by a well thought-out ergonomics and user experience to make the purchasing process faster, simpler and more intuitive.

The key to the success of an e-commerce site is therefore a good marketing strategy. But concretely, how to use web marketing to increase the sales of an e-commerce site? Here are our 3 tips!

Adwords for Etsy shop


In an e-commerce site, as its name suggests, everything happens on the Internet. If the location is essential for your visibility when opening a store, on the canvas it is the same. With one detail: on the Internet, your visibility depends on the quality of your site on a multitude of media and more specifically, search engines.

It is by optimizing your referencing as well as possible that you keep a place of choice on the most marketable of the Net’s avenues: Google. Analyze queries and choose the right keywords to activate natural referencing and move up the ladder.

To improve your SEO, you must of course create content. Anything is possible to make your keywords appear on your site: detail your product sheets, work on the “About” page, write meta descriptions or create a blog on which to share articles about your sector.

By creating editorial content, you not only bring your site to life, but above all you allow it to exist in the eyes of Google. Also, you make it convincing to your target audience. A product sheet without content does not give Internet users confidence. Never forget that online shopping is also based on trust. The user can neither touch nor smell the product and can only see it through the photos you highlight. Multiply the images highlighting several shots, write a complete description of the product and get as many comments as possible. We too often forget it, but comments not only create unique and qualified content, they also help to give Internet users more confidence about the quality of the product they will receive.


As with a normal store, you must first make yourself known to attract the attention of future buyers.

The advantage of the Internet over traditional advertising is that it is possible to set up very precise targeting to broadcast your ads. Indeed, thanks to keywords on Google Adwords or interests on Facebook, it is now possible to reach niche buyers. The more your target is defined, the better the chances of conversions will be. With your cinema shop, you are in a niche that will allow you to target your potential buyers as effectively as possible.

Moreover, even if Internet advertising may seem expensive (especially when you know the cost per click of keywords), it is far less expensive than traditional advertising. It promises lower conversion costs, more concrete results and a more measurable return on investment. Contact for more information about your next Adwords campaign.


To increase the sales of your etsy shop you need to understand them. Where do your customers come from? When are they on your shop? What do they search? Where do they click?

Understanding these numbers will help you be more efficient and better able to meet customer needs in the future.


Successfully launching your shop is one thing. Making it prosper and profitable is another.

Using web marketing to increase sales has become an essential strategy. Increasing your natural positioning on Google, advertising on the Internet, accompanying the visitor to the point of purchase, offering him an optimal experience are important points to optimize to generate ever more sales. Analyzing these results with Google Analytics will help you better understand the lives of users on your site and test improvements.

You wish to be supported in the implementation of the web marketing strategy of your e-commerce site? Feel free to contact our SEO-SEM and traffic acquisition experts!